There are many superb restaurants offering both traditional and creative cuisines is Kyoto, such as Kyo-ryori (local cuisine of Kyoto) which is blessed with its long history and an abundant nature using seasonal produce.

Obanzai, Kyoto-style home-cooking with seasonal vegetables and marinated food.

French & Italian food served on a Nouryo-doko (a raised platform on the river bank where it is cooler in the summer) or machiya (traditional merchant's house) in the typical cultural style of Kyoto.

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Kyoto vegetables and fried skewer Kyo’Akari

Yakitori and Sansho-nabe (a pot-dish of ingredients and Japanese pepper) Toriiki

Tempura and fish plates Komefuku Kyoto-Kiyamachi branch

Kyo-vegetables roasted meat rolling Spit-roasted meat and vegetables Manten