Kyoya Kiyomizu Honke

Fully enjoy the Kyoto local cuisine coming with Kyoto vegetables and the seasonal ingredient at Machiya.

In addition to fresh Kyoto vegetables, they’ve used fresh ingredient from Kyoto, Tanba raised chicken, famous special Tofu from Kamo Tofu Kinki and wheat starch. You will be able to enjoy Kyoto local cuisine all from Kyoto fully. Also many kinds of local Sake is served. Please enjoy Kyoto atmosphere and cuisine at Machiya from the old days.

You can enjoy the conversation with the chef at the counter seats, so one person is welcomed as well.

Feel Kyoto with eating their Kyoto cuisines.

The restautrant interior as Machiya style with comfortable space.

Welcome to Kyoto Machiya! A lantern indicate “Kiyomizu” and a restaurant curtain is the guide.

~ Recommendation menu ~

Wheat starch Dengaku (bean curd baked and coated with miso)¥650
Boiled tofu¥700
Sliced wheat starch¥750
Kyoto Local Sake¥600~

food/About 50 kinds drink/About 80 kinds

Special ServiceBy telling us you see “Hotechika”, you can get 1 a-la-carte (Only 1 for one group).
Address207-5, Ayazaimokucho, Yanaginobanba-dori Ayanokoji-sagaru, Shimogyo-ku
Access5 mins walk from Hankyu Kyoto line ‘Karasuma’ sta. and Kyoto Subway Karasuma line ‘Shijo’ sta.
Business hours17:30~24:00(LO23:30)
closing datesIrregular
Private roomNone
ParkingAvairable for 1 car
Credit CardUsable