Kyo-vegetables roasted meat rolling Spit-roasted meat and vegetables Manten

It must be fun to have Kyo-spit-roasted foods in Machiya townhouse! They offer charcoal-grilled Kyo-vegetables, meat rolling and seafoods.

Here is a machiya townhouse in front of Pondo-cho Kaburenjo theater. Two options grilled or steamed for your fresh vegetable rolled with meat, please select by yourself. They have 3 specialities that are roasted meat rolling on a skewer, spit-roasted meat and vegetables, and spit-roasted seafoods. Moreover they have dealt in Kyo-cuisine and sake as well that reasonablly give rich time and taste to you.

Try these! Spit-roasted foods surely make you happy with well matched sake.

Enjoy fresh foods cooked in the way of spit-roasting.

Double height Machiya townhouse. On the first floor you can haves ee a garden and sunken kotatsu.

Here is a machiya townhouse in front of Pondo-cho Kaburenjo theater.

~ Recommendation menu ~

Assorted seasonal Kyo-pickels¥580
Steamed cake of Kujo leek¥680
Beef roast steak on hot steel plate¥1,280
Beer ¥450
Shochu ¥680~

food/About 50 kinds drink/About 50 kinds

Special Service10% OFF when you tell the staffs that you find out ‘Manten’ in this book “Hotechika”.
Address179-1, Zaimokucho, Nakagyo-ku
Access3 mins walk from Keihan main line ‘Sanjo Keihan’ sta. 5 mins walk from Kyoto Subway Tozai line ‘Sanjo Keihan’ sta. 7 mins walk from Hankyu Kyoto line ‘Kawaramachi’ sta.
Business hours17:00~23:30(LO22:30)
closing datesNone
Private roomNone
Credit CardUsable