Kyoto vegetables and fried skewer Kyo’Akari

Deep-fried Pork on skewers & Local Vegetables in Kyoto! Enjoy Fresh Fish, Meat, Vegetables and 100 types of Sake.

You can enjoy a variety of specialities, such as deep-fried skewers of Kyoto vegetables, fresh sea foods and selected meat. Our delicious dishes are rich in variety, including Menu using ingredients from Kyoto such as Namafu, Kyoto-tofu and Kujo-green onion, and locally raised chicken from Miyazaki. We have more than 100 kinds of alcohol menu. Please take a look at special fruit liquor, local Sake of Kyoto and plum wine. Enjoy your night time in Kyoto at our restaurant.

“Assorted deep-fried skewers Recommended 8 kinds” 1200 JPY Enjoy crispy and fresh deep-fried skewers.

Deluxe assorted Sashimi (3 kinds of sashimi) ¥1300 (6kinds of sashimi) ¥2200.


There is an Yakitor (i grilled chicken ) next to us. phone: 075-661-6660

~ Recommendation menu ~

Assorted Kyoto Pickles¥550
Miyazaki Chicken (locally raised) grilled over charcoal¥680
Sake and local sake¥350~
Shochu (Japanese white distilled liquor ) and local Shochu¥380~

Special Servicepaid. (This service is only for the group who speIf you say “I saw Hotechika”, you can get 10% discount of your total amount nd more than ¥5000 in a single dish)
Address13, Kitakarasumacho, Higashi-Kujo, Minami-ku
Access5 mins walk from JR line and Kyoto Subway line and Kintetsu line ‘Kyoto’ sta.
Business hours17:30~23:30(LO23:00)
closing datesIrregular
Private roomAvailable
Credit CardUsable